9 Tips on How To Improve Foot Traffic For Your Offline Business

  • October 2, 2022
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You might have spent a lot of time choosing the ideal background and working hard to create the content for your perfect website. However, waiting around for visitors to visit your website is going to work.

Want to know how to gain traffic for your offline business? Let’s look at what you can do to increase website and store traffic.

Use tangible branding products

The usage of tangible branding products is referred to as tangible marketing, which is the use of promotional objects to increase brand recognition and customer loyalty.

According to L.J. Market Research study, 52% of participants that received promotional products went on to do business with the company. The remaining 48% indicated they were more than willing to do business with the company as well. These promotional products enhance consumer perception of your business. They also cost less per impression and last longer than other conventional marketing strategies. 

If you want to put into practice, you can try giving out reusable bags imprinted with your company’s URL and logo to promote your store as it is a valuable item that your clients will use.

Use business cards, flyers and brochures

To let your ideal client know where to go to learn more about you, you can offer them something to keep when you run into them at an event. If you are still wondering how to improve foot traffic, one of the answers is to use business cards, brochures, and flyers.

With a business card, you can write a strong statement that sums up your brand and a compelling call to action on its back. They are a highly adaptable offline marketing tool. You can utilize them to communicate with clients and customers, increase your community visibility, and market on the fly.

Likewise, printing flyers and brochures may seem a bit outdated in the digital age, but they can be a successful way to increase visitors to your website. Because they are larger than business cards, you may include more information about your business, as well as interesting pictures or even a promotional offer. You can also distribute them to potential customers at seminars and community events.

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Write articles

Want to find out another way to attract more customers to your business? Print publications specific to your business are essential for your offline marketing efforts. If you can show your expertise, this can increase the visibility of your business and your trustworthiness.

One of the most effective instances of an advertising strategy is writing an article for a publication. You can create an article for a regular publication like a magazine or newspaper to get the attention of potential buyers.

Make sure the article includes your company’s URL as you may draw thousands of people to your website using this method. And remember to create press releases for the activities you host, as well.

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Get featured on local media channels

Another excellent approach on how to attract more customers is to have it featured on a local media channel. Many people still choose to read the morning newspaper, watch TV, or listen to the radio; thus, don’t miss out on these opportunities as a business owner.

If you intend to use this strategy, the first step is to focus on the content. Providing original, well-written information not only positions your business as a leader in your industry, but it also demonstrates to the media that you enjoy sharing free expertise and establish yourself as a housing expert with a pulse on industry trends.

In general, engaging content means that your content is attractive to your audience’s eye; it fascinates them, captures their attention, and makes them want to learn more about your brand. As a result, your business’s store traffic will increase.

So, prepare your media kit, reach out to the neighborhood journalists, and have an interview on your most recent product launch or company advancements.

Make use of your network

If you are a local retail business owner, you may wonder how you can increase the foot traffic into your retail store. A solution is to use your network. 

According to the New York Times, the average American knows 600 people; your contact list is one of your most valuable resources. There are many people there who might need the product or service you are selling.

Indeed, there will still be many people you can contact, regardless of whether you fall above or below that average. If you’re not sure how to attract more customers to your business, just share several benefits about your business. No matter if they have read your blog or not, it will sound even more appealing to have the chance to meet you and talk about things in person.

Leverage your current customers

Any business’s most significant advantage is its current customers. Since they have already purchased from you, you have earned their trust, which may be helpful for your business.

A referral is among the best strategies to boost your website traffic and your company’s reputation. This strategy also answers the question of “how to increase foot traffic in a business?” 

For instance, if a consumer refers a certain number of individuals, they will receive “x” amount off of their next purchase. This way, the consumer will spread the word about your company to their friends and family. As a result, it will create an offline referral network driving extra potential customers to your website. 

Look for local partners

Another strategy to get more customers in your store is to consider working with a partner.

Co-branding is a strategic marketing and advertising collaboration between two brands in which the success of one business leads to the success of the other. There are numerous excellent instances of co-branding collaborations available, and the partnership between Spotify and Uber is worth considering.

Despite having different goods, Spotify teamed with Uber since they both have the same goal of gaining more consumers. Their strategy is that Uber passengers can select a Spotify playlist to listen to during their ride, which improves the experience of both Spotify and Uber users while driving.

Imagine that a hotel and a restaurant teamed up. Flyers from each company could be in the establishments of the others. The hotel could provide 10% off when dining at the restaurant and vice versa. This way, both businesses gain from the relationship, grow their consumer bases, and gain more traffic.

Hence, make a list of possible companies you could partner with, along with the advantages to both parties.

Host seminars and lectures

Hosting lectures and seminars may help your business outperform other competitors by building your authority by doing lectures and seminars. They are also the type of event marketing that boosts retail foot traffic.

To take the advantage of this, include your website address on each page of your presentation. Also, don’t forget to include your contact details on the final page and inform the audience about your business’s operations.

Hosting competitions and awarding your goods and services as prizes is also great. Let’s say that your business offers a computer repair store. How would you drive foot traffic to your store? You may give a nearby non-profit organization a gift certificate for a two-hour repair or create a  Lead Generation Magnet. Doing so will prove your dedication to the neighborhood and attract more customers.

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Deliver the best customer service

If your business doesn’t provide excellent customer service, all the efforts will be for nothing. A business might benefit from providing outstanding customer service to its devoted customers. 

For this reason, the best strategy to boost retail foot traffic is through action. Your business should create a customer experience strategy that will make your clients feel valued and welcome to your business.

Amazon is an excellent example. If you’ve ever returned an item to Amazon, you understand how simple and quick the process is. Nothing makes customers happier than a simple return process.


In today’s market, you must promote offline to increase your website’s, and brick and mortar’s, traffic. Few people know how to bring more customers into their store, which is why we’ve created this post. Don’t wait until tomorrow to use these 9 strategies on “how to gain traffic to your offline business.” Start today!

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