How to Increase Conversion Rate In Seconds: 7 Proven Methods

  • June 10, 2022

Conversion rate is determined by the usability of your website, the trust in your brand, the relevance of incoming traffic, and a variety of other criterias. Continuously improving PPC conversion rate is a no-brainer if you want to get the most bang for your marketing budget. 

Yet, you may frequently find yourself in a dilemma when it comes to developing a step-by-step strategy that produces meaningful outcomes. This blog post will help you get started by sharing 7 proven techniques for conversion rate optimization.

Let’s dive into the details!

Set the goals of your website

Before embarking on how to increase conversion rate, it is critical to establish website goals for which you want to measure and optimize conversions. According to, achieving your objectives should result in real growth and success for both your website and your business.

These objectives might be any specific action you want the visitor to take on your site that provides a certain amount of value for your business. Then you evaluate visitor behaviors around these set goals.

Some of the most popular conversion goals for different websites include page visits, link clicks, form submissions, element clicks, and custom conversions.

Include a pop-up on your website

A Sumo study found that the average conversion rate for all pop-ups is 3.09%. However, if done correctly, you can achieve the top 10% of pop-ups, which have a 9.28% conversion rates.

To achieve the maximum possible conversion rates from them, you can test several offers (PDFs, premium material, and various items) until you come across a winning offer. Just remember that a 30-second delay timer on the pop-up prevents them from being annoying.

A screenshot of a pop-up sign-up form on a website
Source: Beeketing

Also, consider setting a cookie to ensure that the pop-up appears just once per user. This is something that most pop-up tools allow you to do.

These tips will significantly increase conversions while decreasing complaints. You will not annoy anyone, and you will reap all of the benefits.

Increase the social proof on your website

How to improve conversion rate? Your audience will not always trust what you say. So, if you’re going to make a claim, you need to back it up with evidence. Research shows that adding social proof to your site can raise client trust and, as a result, so will your conversion rate per click. 

In fact, 97% of consumers read reviews before making a purchase, and 83% prefer to trust a review over an advertisement. WikiJob, for instance, increased conversions by 34% simply by adding prominently displayed testimonials to their site.

One effective way to do this is to include user reviews. Case studies are also good. They may assist you in positioning yourself as a legitimate company making a genuine difference in the world.

No login required

Have you heard the story about the $300 million button? It states that buyers do not want to waste time registering and checking in to websites when they simply want to purchase a product.

This conversion rate optimization is applicable to most e-commerce sites. Customers may leave if you require them to log in before they make a transaction.

According to a Baymard Institute survey, 37% of consumers will quit their checkout if required to form an account. According to the same study, 38% of the e-commerce sites surveyed did not even allow consumers to register a temporary account before completing their order.

So why take the chance of a reduced conversion rate for something so simple? Instead, include a simple, clickable “Checkout as Guest” option to make it clear to users that they do not have to register an account to shop with you.

Define and emphasize your value proposition

Your value proposition is a brief explanation of why a customer should choose your products/services over those of your competitors. Clearly defining and reinforcing your value proposition through different web elements can improve conversion rates  dramatically.

You should present your value proposition through your images, headlines, and copy, and it should emphasize your Unique Selling Point (USP). Repeated marketing experiments have shown that you should summarize your USP in ten words or fewer.

Take Evernote as an example of how they redesigned their value proposition to highlight their product’s unique selling point. Their first tagline was “Remember Everything,” which well represented the benefit that consumers may obtain but did not describe the tool’s capabilities. Their redesigned page now says “Your notes. Organized. Effortlessly,” which reflects the tool’s functionality better.

Use best practices for sales copy

Improving conversion rates is frequently accomplished by making your online sales text more persuasive. Case studies have repeatedly proven that even little changes to your material can impact your conversion rate.

The headline is the most critical aspect of sales copy that you should test. According to David Ogilvy, the creator of the global marketing firm Ogilvy, five times as many people read the headline as the body copy. It means you have spent 80 cents of your dollar on writing your headline.

For this reason, it’s best that you test your headline to see if you can create a significant improvement in your conversion stats and help boost your website traffic. It is such an effective conversion rate optimization factor.

Conduct an SEO audit

Another method as to how to increase conversion rates is to perform an SEO audit. Users will not find you even if you have the best user experience in the world if your website is slow or not indexed by Google.

The more visitors and views your website receives, the higher your conversion rate. The first-ranked webpage on Google has a CTR of 31.7% on average. Simultaneously, just 25% of people reach Google’s second page, which does not include any clicks that may occur beyond the first page.

If you want to obtain more clicks and rank higher on Google—along with more conversions—you need to work on your SEO. This will assist you in determining what is keeping your site from ranking higher. Then, you may address the issues one by one to increase organic traffic and conversion rates. Also, you can try using some free SEO tools to drive your website ranking.

If you find it challenging to optimize SEO on your website in terms of link building, on-page SEO, or organic search, our SEO optimization service is worth considering.


There are plenty of free and paid tips, tactics, and tools available today to help you improve the user experience of your website, simplify the user journey, and increase conversion rate. You don’t have to attempt everything at once. Choose one or two strategies to test, observe what works, and adjust as needed. Now, go increase your conversion rates!

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