Best Practices for Email Marketing: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

  • September 3, 2022
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No matter if your company is large or small-sized, email marketing may help you generate the necessary sales and revenue. However, finding email marketing tips to boost engagement is not easy; in fact, many marketers make several mistakes.

If you don’t want to plague your business, avoid making the following common email marketing mistakes listed below to increase the number of individuals who receive your messages and, more significantly, take action that leads to higher income.

Send too many emails

The first among the top 5 email marketing mistakes to avoid is not to send too many emails since customers may become irritated. It gives them the impression that you are solely concerned with increasing your sales and are uninterested in their preferences.

Just consider yourself a customer. Do you want to receive bulk emails from the same businesses?

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According to The Loop Marketing, 70% or more of the marketing emails sent are unread. Even though each email may only take customers’ attention for two or three seconds as they read the subject line and consider whether to open or delete it, having to go through the motions with the same email sender on a regular basis might be annoying.

If your sales email overloads customers’ inboxes, they may lose trust in your brand and spam your emails. So, be patient and plan to send emails at the appropriate intervals for the best practices for email marketing. Besides, allow your customers to examine your brand and service so that they may make the best selection when choosing your service.

Send emails at the wrong time

According to HubSpot data, emails sent at 11 a.m. had the highest open rates. However, it does not mean that 11 a.m. is the optimum time to send an email for your company and audience. Instead, you should try varying send times to determine which time is the most ideal for your audience. 

So, it is a good idea to send emails at times that are convenient for your target audience. Let’s look at an example.

Morning Brew, a daily newsletter, sends a daily email at 5 or 6 a.m. that summarizes the day’s business news. This newsletter issues early in the morning because its target audience reads it before going to work. Also, sending early ensures that the newsletter does not miss any breaking news daily.

In contrast, if it sends the newsletter at noon and a major business story breaks at 11:30 a.m., the team won’t have much time to create an intelligent and well-researched product.

Write poor subject lines

We all get a lot of emails every day. Thus, many customers just scan each email subject line for a few microseconds before deleting undesirable sales pitches in trash. For this reason, try to adhere to the best email marketing tips for subject lines.

First, keep your subject lines short. Marketo discovered that 41 characters spread across seven words may be the optimal option.

Additionally, strive to personalize. Incorporating names, locations, or businesses into your email subject line allows you to make the best first impression possible. Even if your newsletter is sent to 5,000 people, remember to make it personalized.

Additionally, you can elicit an emotional and psychological response in the receiver, increasing the likelihood of a click to open the email by using powerful words. Consider words that appeal to vanity, arouse curiosity, foster trust, or create FOMO (fear of missing out) like now, double, ultimate, unexplained etc., to turn a boring subject line into an appealing one.

Some other email campaign tips for a good subject line are: give a clear command, include a deadline, avoid spam words, limit punctuation, etc. Applying all of these tips can help you achieve a Email Marketing Success.

Forget a call to action

One of the most effective tips for email marketing is to use a call to action (CTA). The most crucial component of email marketing campaigns is convincing readers to act and invest in your products and services. As a result, you should develop powerful CTAs that focus on the consumer rather than the product.

Sean Luechtefeld, ANCOR’s communications director, advises that marketers should decide what you want the receiver to do, call their attention to it – in the form of a bold, big button or [something] similar – and make the action as simple as possible. Yet, he cautions against overusing CTAs because you won’t want to confuse or overwhelm your email receivers.

In fact, there are many best practices for email marketing with compelling CTAs. To illustrate, Black Friday is an excellent time for businesses to increase revenue from customers. However, it is not confined to one-time discounts, as is prevalent in e-commerce.

So, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics featured an invitation to “Create Your Set” in a recent email promotion. With any $50 purchase, customers may customize a complimentary five-piece bundle that included two full-sized goods.

This CTA invites the reader to construct their own set, piques their interest (what does the set include?), and also engages them in the purchasing process.

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Don’t segment your email list

Failure to segment customer lists is among the most common email marketing mistakes in email marketing. When you send an email to everyone on your list, regardless of their age, gender, geography, or anything else, it is hard to be relevant to all of your recipients.

However, if you segment your audience and build campaigns tailored to specific categories, you will be able to engage with your audience and solve their problems more effectively.

This process is called email segmentation. It refers to the process of separating an email list into smaller, particular groups with shared characteristics to customize the information you send out.

According to a Lyris survey, 39% of businesses that divided their list had higher open rates, 28% saw lesser unsubscribes, and 24% reported higher sales. So why not apply this strategy?

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It doesn’t seem to be difficult to fix or avoid these email marketing mistakes. You can even change some of these issues with minor changes to your marketing plan. So, remember that all you need to know is what your clients want and why. 

We hope that these email marketing tips arehelpful to you. If you need support with email marketing, feel free to learn more about our services here:

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