6 Best Types of Engaging Facebook Posts to Get Likes

  • May 30, 2022

Social media marketing is essential for business success. Marketers create Facebook accounts and brand pages to attract a large audience and convert them into long-term consumers. According to HubSpot, 93% of businesses are on Facebook, so it’s no wonder that it’s one of the best platforms for promoting your brand.

However, 99% of other large and small firms do the same thing, so how can you outperform your competitors? What is the best Facebook post to get likes?

Look no further if you’re wondering whether Facebook content is beneficial to your business. We’ve highlighted several Facebook engagement post ideas in this post that will help you generate interaction.

Let’s get started!


Videos are among the best types of Facebook posts. Facebook loves it when users share videos, and they even have a whole “Watch” section only for videos. Which makes videos an excellent idea to post on Facebook for improving your strategy.

Make and share them frequently, whether they are simple stop motion videos, instructive videos, educational videos, or any kind of video.

Facebook video postings receive 59% more engagement than other engaging Facebook posts, according to Smash Ballon. Among that, inspirational videos receive the greatest engagement on Facebook. Consider the video from Goalcast. Its inspirational video received over 422,000 reactions and 13,000 comments in just 5 months!

Another sort of content that has grown in popularity on Facebook is live videos. According to Facebook, live videos receive 6 times the number of interactions as normal videos. Users enjoy interacting with content creators and marketers who go live. Live broadcasting also promotes more interaction with your audience.

So, if you haven’t already considered producing video content on Facebook, now is the time to start.

Ask questions

Asking questions is one of the most popular Facebook posts, which is an excellent technique to engage the audience in a conversation. It may appear simple, and you should not use it for every post, but it is still an effective tactic.

Ask about company decisions; offer to fill in the blanks, give a reaction vote, respond in the comments, you decide it!

However, remember to include questions that are relevant to your business, target audience, and have the ability to provide value to your relationship with the fans of your Facebook page. You can also post commonly asked audience questions, provide clear responses, and invite the community to provide suggestions and ideas in the comments.

Take WPBeginner’s example here. Rather of asking their fans about their general August goals, they asked about website-specific goals. Why? They are a digital publisher.

Trending topics

Are you up to date on current events? You must be if you want to increase user engagement. Facebook post ideas on trending topics that people are talking about are useful to enhance reach and engagement.

Not only will this enhance your chances of appearing in feeds, but it will also raise the likelihood of people commenting on and sharing your content. Furthermore, it is your opportunity to broaden your reach: Facebook rewards publications about trending subjects by displaying them first in newsfeed. So pay attention to Facebook’s trending topics daily.

Concerned about a complex design? You don’t have to. Less is more. Consider the example of McDonald’s Facebook post below. The fast-food chain capitalized on the hot theme of social distancing by separating its distinctive arches — to represent the significance of social distancing.

McDonals's Facebook post about social distancing and separating it's distinctive arches.
Source: Today

If you have trouble creating and customizing your posts’ design or creating content, you can try our Social Media Marketing service.

Blog posts with tips and how-to’s

Why not share the content of your business website’s blog with your Facebook audience? It’s such an effective way to improve your foot traffic. Users appreciate instructional and helpful posts that help them in learning new things or solving difficulties.

It is beneficial to you as well. The more your Facebook post is shared, the more it will appear on your target audience’s newsfeed.

Here is an illustration of one of the best Facebook posts. This Sprout Social Facebook post doesn’t include any additional material. It is a text-only tips post with some emoji for visual effects that performs an excellent job of informing and capturing the attention of Facebook users.


According to research at 3M Corporation, people receive visual information 60,000 times faster than text. Infographics are an excellent approach to demonstrate your business ideas rather than presenting them in lengthy text. This type of material frequently receives a large number of likes and shares, like killing two birds with one stone: it is both educational and easy to consume.

Infographics are historically renowned for extensive data visualizations that may take up the entire screen, especially on platforms like Pinterest. However, infographics can be shared on any social media network as long as they are correctly sized.

So, why not share your own useful charts and graphs on Facebook to better educate your audience on industry trends? They are engaging Facebook posts that you shouldn’t miss out on!


The last type of engaging posts for Facebook is telling stories. Authenticity is the key to success in today’s social media scene, where “perfect posts” and #bucketlist postings are all too popular Facebook posts. By revealing a sensitive side of your business, you may connect with your audience on a deeper level.

So, get to know your audience. Telling stories is an excellent approach to engage with your Facebook fans on a more personal level. People are more inclined to recall stories, which retain 70% of information, rather than bare facts or statistics about brands.

On the other hand, they don’t like brands that are too perfect — since they seem fake. To back this up, 80% of customers believe authentic content is the main factor that will influence them to follow or engage with a brand.

Stories have an emotional impact on people, particularly if they have experienced something similar. That’s why personal stories are gold. These types of Facebook posts do well in growing page engagement. So, tell stories about your business, its objective, or the people behind the brand.


Are you ready to put into practice these best Facebook post to get likes? Remember that Facebook and your audience are expecting you to be there. So, whatever types of Facebook post ideas you create, ensure you are there frequently doing your thing. People will get to know you, trust you, and become devoted fans as a result. Learn even more about Social Media Marketing with our free e-book.

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