5 Free SEO Tools for Driving Your Site’s Ranking

  • July 2, 2022

Who says you have to invest tons of money to increase traffic? Every SEO professional has a favorite set of tools they use. Some are free and some are paid. Nowadays, numerous free Search Engine Optimization tools are available to assist you in driving more visitors and ultimately, improve foot traffic to your local business. You may be aware of some, but there are many more alternatives.

In this article, we’ll look at the top free SEO tools experts use in their engine optimization efforts. Let’s get started!

Google Search Console

Although various free online SEO tools are available online, Google Search Console is still one of the most effective if used properly. Unsurprisingly, Google recommends that anybody with a website should use it

Google Search Console is a free Google-created tool that delivers data only available through Search Console which analyzes website performance in search rankings. Which is why it crucial for businesses online to maximize their success by adding this to their SEO arsenal.

Screenshot of Google Search Console
Source: BenchmarkONE

Free tools and reports make it easier to control your search presence. Using this free SEO tool, you will gather key information related to your websites, such as which keywords drive traffic to your site, average ranks for your pages and keywords, how frequently you appear in search results, how many times users click your results, or how well the Google database indexes your site.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a very popular WordPress SEO plugin. It assists you in optimizing your WordPress website and web pages so that they appear higher in search engine result pages (SERPs). 

The plugin has many features that can help you harness meta descriptions, title tags, and keywords to drive your content to the front page. It can also help you receive rich Google results, such as images, star ratings, products, and more.

On the post edit screen, the Yoast SEO plugin adds a Yoast SEO metabox. You may add a meta title and description to your blog post using this metabox. It also lets you select a focus term for your post.

Once you’ve decided on a focus keyword, the Yoast SEO plugin examines the post content in relation to the focus keyword and assigns it an SEO score. It also suggests steps you can take to improve your SEO score.

The Yoast SEO plugin has been downloaded over 200 million times, has over 25,000 5-star reviews in the WordPress plugin repository, and has over 11 million active installs, as Yoast claims. Websites that use this free SEO tool include woocommerce.com, kinsta.com, blog.logrocket.com, and many more.

Ahrefs’ Keyword Generator

Keyword research is not limited to just SEO professionals. You too can employ keyword research methods to gain a deeper understanding of your target audience’s demands, needs, and queries, among other things.

A keyword generator is a keyword research tool that allows you to produce hundreds of relevant keywords for any subject (or even long-tail keywords). It makes recommendations for both paid and organic content marketing campaigns. 

Ahrefs Keyword Generator is a free SEO tool provided by Ahrefs, a famous paid service. According to Ahrefs, this free SEO tool displays the top 100 keyword suggestions for any keyword or phrase and the top 50 related queries. It also provides essential keyword metrics such as search volume and keyword difficulty.

Ahrefs Keyword Generator is a valuable SEO tool that allows you to conduct infinite searches without creating an account. From that, you can build a strategy to optimize your keywords, which is also an important step in a PPC Optimization campaign.

Source: Ahrefs

Answer The Public

The next one in our list of the best free SEO tools is Answer The Public. You can use it to identify new question-related keywords and topics that your target audience is interested in.

According to Angharad Lock, a SEO Executive, Answer The Public allows users to gain a deeper insight into how people search for topics, revealing questions and inquiries that you might not have thought of. It’s also very easy to use and user-friendly.

Simply enter a topic (or seed keyword) linked to your business. This free SEO tool will use autocomplete data from search engines all around the web to generate a number of similar phrases. It’ll then categorize these keyword ideas into several sentence types. 

Here’s an example to see how this tool can help your search. Assume you intend to write an article about cervical cancer. You can use Answer the Public to find out what questions people are asking about this. 

Some such questions are: What are the signs and symptoms of cervical cancer? What are cervical cancer treatments? How can cervical cancer be avoided? What factors contribute to cervical cancer?

Because so many of the recommendations are question-related search terms, it’s ideal for brainstorming long-string keywords.

Google Trends

The final free tool on our list of top free SEO tools is Google Trends, an excellent complementary keyword research tool in conjunction with Google Keyword Planner. It can help you find popular search phrases all over the world.

Unlike Google Keywords Planner, Google Trends will not provide you with a keyword’s average monthly search volume. Instead, it shows you how the level of interest in that keyword has varied over time. It also creates a list of related trending themes or inquiries, which can help you plan your SEO strategy.

According to experts at the House Communications team, it’s an excellent method to develop SEO-focused material and Google Trends might help you create it. “Google Trends is a terrific tool to understand what people are searching for around specific topics,” Rhonda Turner Gardner says.

This tool also assists you in efficiently optimizing your local SEO strategy because it allows you to view keyword popularity globally or by country, subregion, metro area, or city.

Let’s take a simple example: surfboards. People in landlocked parts of the United States are less likely to be interested in purchasing one. However, when you change the subregion, you can see that people in California and Hawaii are significantly more interested in surfboards than people in the other states. 

Then, you may dig further into their search patterns to discover relevant search phrases and topics they are interested in.


SEO is a tool-heavy field, and most of the work is challenging to execute reliably without some sort of tools. Fortunately, there are numerous free and simple-to-use tools available today. However, employing those high-end tools for everything is not always necessary. So whether you need an SEO tool for content marketing, backlink checker, on-page SEO, keyword suggestions, page optimization, or anything else, there is a free tool you can use. Therefore, consider using at least one in our list and boost your website to the next level!

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